This is our specialty and a prime Canoeing / Kayaking / Tubing river.  Come and enjoy our beautiful, winding
and scenic “Golden” Cedar River running through downtown Gladwin, Michigan.  This scenic, crystal clear and
gentle flowing river is ideally suited for a leisurely
2 hour canoe / kayak /tube trip (1hr. or 4hr tube trips - go to
bottom of page
). This beautiful river has a nice current to carry you downstream, is fairly shallow (1'-3' deep
average), has no power boats and is very picturesque.  It also winds through downtown Gladwin with ALL trips
ending right behind Burger King (next to the 3 story Riverwalk Complex) where you have easy access to Gladwin's
fine shopping and restaurants.   

We are attempting to bring the popularity of canoeing on the “Golden”  Cedar River near Gladwin, Michigan back to
its original status.  This was a very popular Canoe run at one time.  The original owner ran over 100 canoes down
this “Golden” Cedar River years ago.

Our most popular trip - and easiest - is the aprox. 2 hour trip.    **Tubers go to bottom of page**

All you have to do is call us (989-387-8658) to make your appointment then meet us behind the Burger King in
downtown Gladwin and park you car there (we have permission).  We then drive you to a private property "launch
point" near Wiggans Lake.  From there you float down the river back to where your car is convieniently parked and
end your trip.  Everything is very simple and our customers like the fact that they can grab a bite to eat or buy
refreshments right at the parking area/end point of your trip.  On some Friday and Saturday evenings there is a
band playing at the Riverwalk Bar/Restaurant (outside bar) right where the trip ends.  How COOL is that.

This gentle flowing river is aprox. 30’-40’ wide in most areas and is generally 1’- 3’ deep generally (deeper in the
curves) and is crystal clear clean for swimming or fishing.  
The river is considered beginner/intermediate.  The
actual water level varies with the outflow of the Dam at Wiggans Lake of which we have no control.  
Water can be higher & lower at any time.

The "Golden" Cedar River actually starts east of Harrison and flows into Wiggins Lake (which is damned up at
Chapel Dam) it then flows thru Gladwin all the way to Beaverton where it flows into Ross Lake (which is damned up)
which then flows into the Tobacco River which then flows into Wixom Lake (Tittabawassee River damned up) which
then flows down to Sanford Lake (Tittabawassee River damned up) which then later flows into the Saginaw River
which flows into Lake Huron at Bay City.  This is quite the river system.   

We here in Gladwin are a little bit biased but we feel that the "Golden" Cedar River is just as pretty as the Rifle
River, Ausable River and Muskegon River yet is closer to Detroit and yet still considered "up north".

Prices And Times For “Golden” Cedar River Trips

2 hr Canoe Trip from Wiggins Lake to Gladwin City Burger King  Kayak 39    Canoe 49    Dbl. Kayak 54          

3 - 3.5hr Long Tube Trip   25                                                                                            

1 hr Tube Trip  (kid/grampa friendly)   20

Float behind cooler tubes same price as tube rental

3rd person on canoe --  $6   (adults not recomended as 3rd person)

***Tubers go to bottom of page for better description***

As of the moment we are taking groups "as they call" & apointments are made "on the hour" - call and
we will try to have you on the water in less than 1 hour (depending on previous appointments).

If you have your own canoe or kayak we can custom "spot you" for your trip (only on weekdays).  20/boat
or 2 for 35$.

We also offer canoes, kayaks and tubes and for rent also as "carry out rentals" to use on any lake you
want for full day rentals.   Call for prices.

Note -  water levels on the Cedar River as in all rivers vary depending on many factors which may
include - drought conditions - Wiggans Lake Dam outflows - excessive rain etc.  We cannot guarantee
conditions on the river.

Family Fun

Rivers Are Cool
Call 1st For Pick-Ups In Downtown Gladwin
Exercise Is Good

No Gasoline

Back To Nature
“Golden” Cedar River   
Gladwin Boat Rental
What is more Eco-Friendly, Healthy and Family Oriented than canoeing or kayaking ?
Enjoy Your Stay
Gladwin Welcomes You
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Cedar River Canoe / Kayak / Tube Trips
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Cedar River Canoe Trips
Located Out Of Gladwin City Campground
Gladwin - 2.5 hours north of Detroit

Canoe / Kayak / Tube Trips

Operating With Gladwin City Campground
Cedar River Canoe/Kayak/Tube Trips - Gladwin, Michigan.
Centrally located between Bay City, Saginaw, Midland, Harrison, Houghton Lake, Clare, West Branch,
Beaverton, Omer, Standish Michigan
Gladwin is considered either Mid Michigan, Up North or Northern Michigan location.
***Tubing is a very popular activity on the Cedar River mainly because of its crystal clear
waters, 1-3' depth generally, good swimming beaches and an excellent current to carry the
tubes.   The river is very curvy so you will have use your hands to negotiate the turns as in
any tube trip.  
If you have frisbee bring it to use to help in slower areas.  We rent them too $1.

We offer 2 different tube trips.      

A 1 hour tube trip $19/tube using the basic black tube with a rope around it to hold onto.  We
meet you behind Burger King in downtown Gladwin (where you park your car) then transport
you to the start point just north of Gladwin.   You will finnish behind the Burger King and
leave the tubes there.   
This 1 hr trip is a very kid / grampa friendly trip as there are several
swimming areas along the way -  you can take longer than 1 hour too that is just to give you
an aprox float time frame.   

A 4 hour tube trip $24/tube using an upgraded tube that is double lined with a bottom.
We meet you at the end of Oberlin Rd. (north side of river) where you park your car and we
transport you to the start point north of Gladwin.   You will finnish where your car is located at
Oberlin Rd and just leave the tubes there.  No waiting for a bus.  
The 3hr tube trip is a long
time in the sun so be prepared with suncreen, water shoes, beverages and a hat.

Note - the 3hr trip can take longer depending on river conditions - your weight & how much
time you spend stopping.  Tubing is not recomended for anyone over 250lbs or anyone with
with any medical conditions.